• 10 and 15 Yard Dumpsters: These are commonly used for tight spaces, small remodeling projects, and can typically fit in a driveway.

  • 20 Yard Dumpster: The most popular size, these are useful for multi-room cleanup, new home construction, home repairs, and can handle a mix of waste material.

Dumpster Size

Typically Used For

10 Yard Dumpster


L –10 feet
W –7 feet
H –4 feet

ü  Small-scale improvements
Flood damage
Tight spaces typically fits in driveways

15 Yard Dumpster


L –18 feet
W –7 feet
H – 3 feet, 6 inches

ü  Small remodeling projects
Bathroom renovation
De-cluttering projects
Tight spaces typically fits in driveways
Heavy materials: dirt/rock/concrete

20 Yard Dumpster


L –19 feet
W –7 feet
H – 4 feet, 6 inches

ü  Multi-room clean-up
Furniture collection
New home construction
Kitchen remodeling
Basement remodeling
Home shingle repairs
Garage shingle repairs
Mixture of materials: wood/sheet rock/metal



Do not put the following materials in the Dumpsters

  • Animal waste - please do not dispose of animal waste in your trash.
  • Explosives, live ammunition or weapons.

  • Gas powered lawn equipment containing gas and oil. 

  • Auto tires & rims & truck tires.

  • Propane/Oxygen/Helium tanks.

  • Do not place household hazardous waste in your regular trash. Examples of HHW are car batteries, used motor oil and other automotive fluids, solvents, pesticides, pool chemicals, fertilizer, paint thinners, paints, etc. Please DO NOT under no circumstances put Paint in the dumpsters, even if the can is empty.  Thank you.

Materials such as asbestos, batteries, hazardous waste, liquids, paints, oils, medical waste, tires and appliances containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are prohibited for waste removal and will not be collected in roll-off containers.

Dumpsters containing the above materials will incur a fine.

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